The Finansol label Committee is an independent board in charge of running the process of labellization. Its current members come from associative, financial, university and media backgrounds.

The committee convenes four times a year to examine new investment vehicles seeking its approval. A special meeting is held annually to review all the labeled vehicles to date. On that occasion, the committee can give recommendations to the vehicle managers/promoters and eventually exclude mismanaged vehicles.

Isabelle Guénard-Malaussène,
chairman of the Finansol label Committee

"I am committing myself that through the label Committee, the Finansol "brand" will continue to enable the identification of solidarity financing vehicles which indeed serve to finance projects with strong social and/or environmental impact. To achieve this, I understand that my mission is:
- To guarantee, thanks to the independence and expertise of the members of the Committee, a qualitative analysis of financing vehicles, in a context of deep changes in the sector and labels ;
- To support the development of these solidarity financing vehicles and tools so that each saver or investor can have a concrete social and / or environmental impact ;
- And to encourage the promotion of innovative financial vehicles while respecting the transparency and ethics of social finance in a spirit of openness and listening."